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    First the specifics:

    - Samsung GS4
    - Android Version 4.3
    - Baseband Version I545VRUEMJ7
    - Kernel Version 3.4.0
    - Build Number JSS15J.I545VRUEMJ7
    - Custom root

    (the following should have nothing to do with a software issue and may be coincidental only but I am including it anyway) Broke screen and LCD back in January. Replaced both in April. Phone works flawlessly. However, for some reason, the email client now notifies me of all incoming email (whether they bypass the inbox or not). For example, I would get email notifications for any email that is filtered to go directly into the Spam folder or into another subfolder.

    I opened up the gmail web interface and confirmed that all the IMAP settings are correct and that labels (folders) such as Spam are not visible within IMAP. I removed the current email entry from the Android email client and then recreated it. This corrected the email notification issue but I noticed a few things that gave me pause. The first thing I noticed was the email client UI was slightly different. For example, the email notification icon which appears at the top of the phone looks completely different (more color and a small @ included with the icon). Previously, the icon was a bit plain. The biggest thing I noticed was the lost of Push. As it stands now, my options are Manual, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, hour, or 2 hours. Previously, I had Push, 1 minute, 5 minute, etc. available. There are other small, less significant changes but this is the biggest and most critical to my business needs.

    As I was writing this, a thought came to mind that the issue may be related to how I recreated the email. I do not recall how I set it up previously but I used the Add Account feature under Settings -> My Accounts. My theory is if I remove it and added it back as an Exchange account, this should resolve the issue. However, if that does not work, I am back to square one. Since the phone is rooted, I have disabled all Software Updates and notifications. If my theory is not correct, I would prefer not to perform any software updates or do a hard reset to bring the phone back to its factory settings. Additionally, based on another forum thread, I confirmed that Automatic Data Sync is enabled.

    I will update this thread with any further information or updates.
    04-25-2014 11:21 AM
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    My theory was correct. When I recreated the email as an Exchange account, I regained Push and my previously recognized functionality. One can create an Exchange account from within the email client itself. When no email entries are added to the client, you will see several options. The first open on the top row is Corporate. Use your company's corporate exchange settings to manual create the email entry.
    04-25-2014 11:31 AM

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