1. erwinlit's Avatar
    So I am used to my HTC One X+ keyboard and loved it! Then I bought a Nexus 7 2nd Gen, hated that keyboard, since the secondary characters (the one you press and hold to) are on different position and not all of the most used secondary keys are there so you have to press the Symbol key! Then now I just upgraded my phone to a Samsung Galaxy S5, same problem. But they provide a shortcut key which is very helpful, but it always puts a space after the shortcut. Let me further elaborate on that one. The keyboard that comes with the S5 has 1 to 0 keys, these can have a custom key/keys assigned to them. So let us say I assigned 1 to have "~" and 2 to have "^_^". Now when I press and hold them, let us say 1, it will type it as like this "~ " and then let us say we press and hold 2, it will type is like "^_^ ". There is always a space. I need those custom characters for my passwords and to speed up my typing.

    Now is there a keyboard out there in the Play Store in which you can modify each individual secondary character of all the letters?

    If that is not possible, is there a way to just eliminate that space that my Samsung Galaxy S5 does?

    I don't know why this type of keyboard is not out yet!! I bet you, I am not the only one that is grieving about stuff like this!
    04-25-2014 11:14 PM
  2. Jerrduford's Avatar
    Without even reading the entire post.. I recommend you check out Swiftkey. There is a free version if you haven't tried it already. I'm sometimes torn between this and Swype, but Swiftkey is very customizable and learns words really well. Anyone I've ever recommended it to have not been disappointed.
    04-26-2014 12:33 PM
  3. erwinlit's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice but sorry to burst you bubble, I already tried that a long time ago and it doesn't really solve my problem. It is not the keyboard look i am talking, it is the secondary characters that is bugging me. I clearly explained my predicament about the S5's keyboard.

    And Swiftkey is no where close to solving that. Not unless there is a setting in there that i missed in which i can change the secondary keys. Which is I highly doubt cause I went through each single option.

    Also, when I mean make me typing faster, it is not the keyboard features such as swype, auto fill and prediction. What hinders me from typing fast is going in the symbol menu and such. But as I said, it was already explained thoroughly in my post.
    04-28-2014 03:34 AM
  4. SaintDynamicz's Avatar
    Most people (From my experience) don't use the secondary keys at all. They just flip through the different sections of the keyboard to find what they want.
    The secondary keys are always set up the way they would have on an actual phone keyboard before there was touchscreen keyboards.
    04-28-2014 07:51 PM
  5. erwinlit's Avatar
    Ohhhh, i really never had a chance to have a physical qwerty keyboard since i was using mostly Nokia with number pads. And as for people using secondary keys. Most people do use them. And having switching a different keyboard, anybody would feel the same way as I do. Maybe not complain and just relearn muscle memory. But with advance programing, i know somewhere out there is an app that has the capabilities of fine tuning each secondary key of each letter of the keyboard. Samsung has done it, but as I said, only from 1 to 0. And how hard is it to overright a preexisting one.
    04-30-2014 03:03 AM

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