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    Hi there, I'm fresh new here !

    I have a Galaxy tab 3 WIFI non rooted.

    I've managed to make work some games I've downloaded from apkmania.com although to make them work I had to copy the obb folder in a different folder other than the instructions read.

    For example in Amazing Spiderman 2 the install notes for the 2 files (folder with data + apk) were :
    -Install APK
    - place data folder in SDcard/Android/obb/

    To make things work in my device I had to copy the folder to : /Tablet/Android/obb

    This is the only folder in which the obb is seen by the game and I can run it.

    So far so good ...

    As I can see my tablet keeps the obb files in other folder other than the one intended.

    Can I set my SD card to keep this obb files so I can keep this HUGE files away from my internal memory ?

    Hope I made myself clear enough

    And off course, thanks 4 any help!
    05-09-2014 02:02 PM

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