1. farvardinzad's Avatar
    Is there any way to attach a file from a cloud service such as OneDrive or Dropbox in the email app? I only see sd-card and remote files (empty) as options. I have a Sony Xperia Z Ultra with KitKat.

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    05-09-2014 02:42 PM
  2. zedorda's Avatar
    You would have to download the file so you can upload it to the email servers.
    05-09-2014 03:13 PM
  3. farvardinzad's Avatar
    I don't see any download option in the OneDrive app, only a sync option which doesn't seem to put the file on the device.

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    05-09-2014 03:57 PM
  4. papafrankm's Avatar
    In dropbox highlight the file -> share-> email.
    Hope that helps

    Samee in one drive

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    06-02-2014 10:28 PM
  5. Alexander Brusilovsky's Avatar
    Within the composed email message select "Attach" > "Video" > "use [ ES File Explorer app ] set up with your cloud drive" > "select your file" ....
    May be not only "video" format will work, but there is no "select from cloud" option available at least on Samsung (Android).
    02-08-2016 04:22 PM

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