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    Newb Android parent, like 2nd day.

    Android 4.04 on Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate.

    I was moving the Samsung Kies app off the home screen to the one before it and it just disappeared. I held down the icon til the screen changed to the customize mode, and then tried to drag it to the previous screen. And poof! Gone.

    There doesn't seem to be a trash can to locate it and I'm stumped. I still have the Kies Air app, icon, widget or w/e you call it on another page, but I'm wondering where it went. This is not the same app I don't believe; it's the app for the Kies update software that links to PC I think. And where can I find it online or on my phone to restore it? I searched google for it but no luck.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. This thing really is like caring for a new baby. lol Can't wait til it grows up or I get as tricky and smart as it already is.

    EDIT: I'm reading elsewhere that the app should still be somewhere on the apps list and that it was not uninstalled but the shortcut was just deleted, but I still can't locate it. Is there a Remove or Trashcan folder where it might be found?
    05-13-2014 04:42 PM

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