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    Having a weird one with the Photos app. Photos that are deleted, keep re-populating after a couple of hours. It's over 200 images...

    Phone is a HTC One M8, rooted, SuperSU'd, and then flashed with TWRP to the standard Google Play Edition of KK 4.4.2 (that supposedly keeps OTA updates). I do have a 32gig SD card installed (technically I didn't format the SD card in the phone, just installed it and it was recognized and started working). The SD card does have a few apps and other data (music) on it.

    Photos app on the M8 is NOT signed into my Google account (verified in the Photos app settings section). Looking at the Photos app on Google via my computer browser, these images do NOT show up (deleted, and emptied trash a couple days ago).

    These images are not part of my Google Drive.

    It almost seems like the Photos app thinks it is deleting the images, but a permissions issues keeps it from happening (even though the Photos app image view thinks it does).

    Any ideas on this?

    05-14-2014 12:15 PM

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