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    We changed our ISP a few days ago and have had multiple problems which I can only guess are due to the router's settings. First we were getting no push notifications. I turned off the firewall, connected, then turned the firewall back on and pushes came through no problem. I got lucky there and found a thread somewhere describing a similar issue and their solution worked.

    But in using most 3rd party apps- especially those like Words With Friends, the app hangs, then crashes roughly every thirty seconds. I might have to force stop and reload the app 15 times to take one turn. The problem does not happen on other WiFi networks or on 4G- just our home network and only since we switched to Time Warner Cable. I believe it is something to do with the security settings in the router, and would like to disable all of it, then work my way through the different combinations, but can't see how to disable security on it. Its an Ubee DDW356 router. Even better would be if someone knows how security should be set up to work with our devices- I have a HTC Droid DNA, BF has a Motorola Droid Mini, and I also have a Nook HD, all of which are effected the same way.

    I've checked all the settings and options listed in the guide here but none of them make a difference. Pulling my hair out and beyond frustrated here.
    05-23-2014 12:50 AM

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