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    Hello... I've been struggling with this problem since early this morning.

    I did a factory reset before i sent my Nexus 7 in for RMA repair.

    Before I did the reset, i was able to open Chrome browser, go to my favorite video site, click a video, click the "play" symbol on the video and it would open in BS Player. Every type of video worked, wmv/flv... etc...

    Now, Im trying to get back to that point, but the most videos on the site prompt me with the "error loading player: no playable sources found" error.

    I tried the PCAdvisor guide from May 6th 2014 to install the KitKat Flash Player/using Dolphin to view it. But only SOME videos work - For example; the wmv files do not work.

    I KNOW it worked flawlessly on thousands of videos before i did the factory reset, and i've tried everything to get it back to that.
    I want to use the chrome browser im used to, not some other browser. I would like to use BS Player (because im used to it) but i would change to another free player if it worked with chrome.

    The other thing i'll mention is - the videos that do work (none work in chrome... only some work in dolphin which i dont want to use..) play inside the browser - they dont ask "what program do you want to use to open this file" (where i would normally choose BS Player)

    Please advise.
    05-31-2014 11:39 AM

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