1. raxnw's Avatar
    I'm planning to buy a Moto E next month, but I'm concerned about its internal storage, which is only 4GB.
    Many moths ago I read that KitKat made impossible to Install apps on the SD card.

    In many videos people could move apps from the internal storage to the SD card, but one particular user claimed that the whole data was not moving, only a small amount of it. Is this Problem still standing?

    Has Google removed this restriction? Is this YouTube user's statement true? And, in that case, is Android L. fixing this?

    11-16-2014 08:04 AM
  2. itnernet's Avatar
    As far as I know apps can be moved to sd and work but apps cannot modify other folders in the sd card except for their own making file managers useless. Many apps need access to external storage but now they cant because google thought it was a security issue
    11-16-2014 02:47 PM

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