1. Jas Boyal's Avatar
    I have a shield tablet(awesomeness) and I updated it to lollipop(more awesomeness) with the lollipop update came a new Easter egg in the "Android Version". With the new Easter egg, came a little google version of floppy bird... And it's impossible!! Can't get more then one on it. Anyone else try it yet??

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    11-22-2014 10:31 PM
  2. xban1's Avatar
    Everyone who had lollipop, old old news

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    11-22-2014 10:55 PM
  3. radicchio's Avatar
    I looked on youtube to see what Floppy Bird game was. How can you stand to listen to the "music" accompanying the game? Do you just shut off the sound?
    11-22-2014 11:18 PM
  4. llanita's Avatar
    Ive tried to get that bloody thing through the gaps and its a total failure. I gave up on it.
    11-23-2014 03:06 PM
  5. RizaHawkeye's Avatar
    Nope. It's not possible for me. At least Flappy Bird was playable... This is a nightmare.
    11-27-2014 06:27 PM
  6. doubleblack's Avatar
    My record so far is 5.
    11-28-2014 09:41 AM
  7. RizaHawkeye's Avatar
    I just got 7... It seems it is playable, to some extent.
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    11-28-2014 11:02 AM

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