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    Good evening,
    I wonder if anyone can relate - my official calendar app (on stock Android 5.0 - on Nexus 5) does't accept my settings on the default notifications for new events. What I mean is, that every new event has from the beggining notifications set to:
    • 10 minutes before via email
    • 30 before event
    or, when its full-day event:
    • the day before at 23:30
    • the day before at 16:50 via email
    (which I obviously don't like)
    and there is even a option in the app's setting that allows you to modify them as you like, but from my experience every time I do that it gets back to its original setting after while. The change simply doesn't stay.
    It's quite uncomfortable, therefore I would really want to know whether is there someone who has similiar issues or has even fixed them yet.
    11-25-2014 10:13 AM

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