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    My automatic contacts sync in my phone (Android 4.0.4.) with my Gmail account is on. According to the phone the sync is always successful. But there are no contacts listed in my Gmail contacts from my phone.

    I need to mention, that I log in into google with a ...(at)yandex.ru email. Maybe here is the issue, but I do not see why.
    Need a solution!

    01-08-2015 09:11 AM
  2. anon(5600632)'s Avatar
    You can be syncing successfully, but your contacts on the phone have to be in Google contacts, not "My Contacts", which are on the device and do not get synced. Open contacts, go to settings and choose "contacts to display". Here you can test to see where your contacts are. If they are in My Contacts, you need to export them to Google contacts, then everything should sync properly.
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    01-08-2015 10:35 AM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! On your computer, do you also log into your Google account using the yandex.ru email? And all of your contacts are visible on the computer in Google Contacts?

    On your phone, open Contacts, tap Menu, then Accounts. Make sure the correct account(s) are selected. Then tap Menu>Contacts to Display, and make sure "All" is selected, or pick the specific groups you want to display.

    EDIT: KCAndroid1 beat me to the punch! Reading that response, and re-reading the original post, I think KCAndroid1 is on the right track. I thought at first you meant that your Google contacts aren't syncing to your phone, but it actually sounds like your problem is that your phone contacts aren't syncing to your Google account--is that correct?
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    01-08-2015 10:37 AM

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