1. whitenack's Avatar
    I was a little thrown off when the silent mode disappeared from Lollipop 5.0, but quickly got used to Priority Notifications and found it was useful during sleep mode. Sideloaded the 5.1 OTA update on my Nexus 5 over the weekend, and was awoken in the middle of the night to a flashing light, because the notification light has been added back into the priority mode setting. I guess some people wanted it back, and I could understand those that want that notification under certain circumstances. However, I would think that it would be easy to add that option into the priority mode settings, so that each user could decide whether they want it or not.
    03-16-2015 01:33 PM
  2. AndroidDario's Avatar
    I can't figure out why the led didn't work for you with the 5.0.
    I am still waiting to receive the update, but always had the led notification. Do you use Lightflow?
    03-16-2015 02:31 PM
  3. whitenack's Avatar
    Really, you had the led notification even in priority mode? No, no Lightflow, just using Tasker to switch it to PM at night while on the charger.
    03-16-2015 03:47 PM

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