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    I have a non-rooted, stock, nexus 6 and I recently updated to lollipop 5.1 with the OTA update. However, the apps on my phone kept crashing regularly. Such as "Google app has stopped working". This happened for several of the default Google apps that came pre-installed such as Google Keep, as well as some other non google apps. I thought that maybe some app I had installed was causing this so I did a factory reset to clear all the data and start again. Now however, I can't get past the setup wizard. As soon as I sign in with my account, and setup wizard tries to sync my phone, the setup wizard stops and the setup process restarts again. I have tried clearing the cache partition, but that didn't seem to help.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    03-24-2015 02:18 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! See if you can manually re-flash the stock ROM: How to manually update your Nexus | Android Central. Find the factory image here: https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images
    03-24-2015 03:01 PM
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    If you bought it from a carrier, I'd bring it to them and ask them to please fix their update. If you bought it from Google, I'd contact them for a replacement. If you mess up a ROM flash, you also mess up the warranty. It's the carrier's or Google's update, so it's their responsibility.
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    03-24-2015 03:08 PM
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    I did try to flash a stock image of lollipop, but I wasn't able to unlock the bootloader since I couldn't tick the "enable OEM unlock" option, since the phone was already stuck in a loop. I will take it back to where I got it and get them to fix/replace it under warranty.
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    03-24-2015 04:48 PM

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