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    Well, I Remembered a Software back when I had my Samsung Galaxy Ace which may be known on this forum. It was called Chainfire 3D. It is to help the performance of the device. It cannot be found on the Google App Store. So, I decided to find the .apk and install it. When I installed it I opened the app and clicked install. It then rebooted and stayed on the HP logo. It normally has an animated logo but this did not appear. At this time I was certain that I had root access and I had a CustomRecovery which was ClockWorkMod Recovery. I then clicked the Factory reset, wipe cache partition, and wipe davlik cache. it would still not boot. So i decided to reflash the recovery with a boot image and recovery image. I now have an error
    "E: Bad Boot Message
    Help would be very much appreciated and I'm sorry about the account name it was when I was about those sort of silly names.
    Nabeel Shah
    05-03-2015 06:03 AM

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