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    My Galaxy S4 recently took a tumble down a flight of stairs, and (despite my OtterBox) the screen is shattered but still seems to respond to touch. Somehow the volume up/down buttons also don't seem to work, because any attempt at booting into download OR recovery mode doesn't work; instead the phone boots normally (I can't see anything on screen, but the notification light is blinking). I recently installed Cyanogenmod 11 and TWRP recovery on the phone, but I forgot to enable USB debugging before the incident. All I'm trying to do is mirror the phone screen on my PC so I can check my messages, and re-flash a stock ROM so I can have the phone replaced under warranty. I've tried an MHL adapter (Samsung ET-H10FAUWESTA), yet for some reason any time I try to connect it, the TV flashes black for less than a second, then back to no signal when I plug in my phone to the adapter. Is there any sort of workaround for this, or am I going to have to bite the bullet and replace the screen myself? My computer recognizes the phone when I connect it, but it's not showing in ADB when I type in "adb devices" in command prompt. Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Boot into recovery with broken screen and volume buttons?-adb-failure.png
    05-03-2015 06:15 AM

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