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    I picked up an Andteck TouchTab (In the settings it also says its an Allwinner BS1078), and ever since the first day when I was going to watch videos on my couch I launched the stock browser and it said "Unfortunately, Browser has stopped". Thinking it would be a 1 time thing I scrolled to the menu where I could see active apps and I closed it. But it did it again. And not 1 app. 5 APPS. Angry Birds, Stock Browser, CCleaner, ES File Explorer 3, and Temple Run 2. Occasionally about once or twice every 2 months I get major crashing where nothing will launch. My fix for this is go to the Browser app in the apps menu and disable, re-enable, clear data, and restart into recovery. Than I clear cache and reboot regularly. I only have to do it once or twice, but lately its been getting more complicated. It take 7 tries to get it to boot into the home menu. It won't power on for a few minutes. And when its going to power on it keeps rebooting. But after about a half hour of repeating all the steps lately, won't power on for a few minutes, stuck on Allwinner logo, and it just doesn't work. After a while I'll get it but its tedious. Updating an app, watching videos in the stock browser, playing Fruit Ninja Free or Minecraft PE, it doesn't matter. Its mainly the video watching and updating apps that cause it. Or copying new music from my external 2TB drive to Rocket Player. I am running Android 4.4.2 KitKat with 32GB of space and 1GB of ram. I have heard JavaScript in the stock browser causes this in some cases and I haven't tried to disable it. Most likely, its not going to work cause anything I try to fix it for good doesn't work. I've also heard that the ART (Android Runtime Enviroment) can cause this. I would also like a way to determine if I have the ART or the Dalvik Runtime. If I have ART I want to switch to Dalvik because I've heard the ART has issues. If it also helps, About 90% of the time I have the tablet on the charger and if its overcharging, I am ready to accept its battery/hardware damage. Ever since the first day I had it, it was on the charger all day and it felt like a furnace where the battery was. Please help me.
    05-05-2015 06:00 PM

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