1. Giant Lizard's Avatar
    Why the hell after EVERY Andoid update there are problems? Every time! I never saw an Android update without problems, it's unbelievable :|

    Anyway, this time I can't modify anything on my SD card: delete, create, modify..nothing. I don't get any error message, when I delete or create something it seems it's done but then, when I launch again the application (like "My Files" to check the files I have inside the SD card) I don't see the new files, or any change I made. Even if I do it from the computer connecting the phone via USB.

    As soon as I can I will try to format the SD card, but I don't know other solutions. And it's the same SD Card I have since I have the phone.

    Do you know something about? Is it a known issue?

    The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4.

    PS: is there a way to disable the updates? They are really annoying and create only problems :/
    07-15-2015 01:29 AM
  2. Giant Lizard's Avatar
    I up again this post, because the situation seems even more serious. I can't even format the SD card from the phone. Everything is EXACTLY how it was before the update. I can only read everything, but I can't modify or delete it.

    Do you have any suggestion? Do you know what's happened?

    In the meantime I'm looking for a Micro SD to USB adapter to try to format it from the computer...
    07-28-2015 11:19 AM
  3. CarolynA2's Avatar
    This is a "feature" that was introduced by Google in KitKat for security purposes. Apps can read any external SD card directory but 3rd party apps are vrestricted to writing only to their own directory. Apparently it has been enforced irregularly by different handset vendors - hence your no problems until this upgrade. And also developers haven't all modified their apps to handle it.

    From googling it looks like Samsung's have the mist issues with it. Though with my HTC One M9 I had to create a label for my card via my PC for one app to be able to write to it, encountered no issues at all with a file manager, and am still unable to get another app to write to it.

    Google SD card Android 5.1 Samsung, but look for more recent dates. It looks like there are some fixes if your phone is rooted.

    Sorry. Not much help for you, just frustrating.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    08-08-2015 10:39 AM

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