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    I run Android version 5.1.1 on a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. Sorry but there is just no easy way to describe this problem, so hang on: When I type or enter text into my phone, I use a bluetooth keyboard most of the time. It's just faster and much less of a pain in the *ss than the virtual keyboard. When I type the letter "I" in a sentence, such as "I have a dog", it ALWAYS shows up on screen as "Ihave a dog". Yeah, there is no space between the capital letter "I" and whatever letter comes next. In order for there to be a space, I have to pause for half a second, then hit the space bar. The usual hitting of the space bar immediately after pressing the I key doe snot insert a space. Also, in the instance after I type the I and the next letter or word that is run right up against it, there is a small box that pops up and say "English (US)", then fades away. Also, when I type a punctuation mark, same thing, the "English (US) thing pops up and then the space between the punctuation mark and the immediate next letter are run together. I do not know if this would occur with the virtual keyboard because with it, you *can't* go fast enough for that split-second delay between the "I" and the next letter to not be there. If I could type that fast with the virtual keyboard, maybe it would still happen. So we shouldn't assume it wouldn't happen with the virtual keyboard. I don't type "that"fast with the bluetooth keyboard. See, it just did it right there with the "that"fast being run together. I have used this keyboard with other devices and never had this problem, so Idoubt it's the keyboard. Just did it again. Okay peeps, any thougths on this? I'll be your best friend forever if you have a solution.
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    09-24-2015 10:25 PM
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    Go to the store of your choice and try a different Bluetooth keyboard.

    Does the problem persist?

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    09-25-2015 04:15 AM
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    I have the exact same problem. using a Bluetooth keyboard on my android tablet, when I type an I in a sentence followed by a space the space does not show up and the text "English (US)" appears on the screen. I wish it wouldn't do this. I have used 3 different types of Bluetooth keyboards on this tablet and they all 3 did this. It is not the keyboard. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
    10-25-2016 05:24 AM

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