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    Hi There,

    Please excuse me If I am in the wrong place or I ask the wrong question. I am venturing into new territory.

    I have two Android devices of my own so I am not new to Android at all but as part of my paid employment I have been given the following task and well, I need a little help to see if I can pull it off and convince the iSheep that I made the right choice.

    We have 15-20 Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7.
    They are all going to be linked to the one Google account.
    They are all going to have an Admin or Main user account AND a restricted user account which is the only one we wish the users to be able to access. This second restricted user account will NOT have access to Google Playstore. No Email will be shared, nor any social media site such as Facebook etc.

    I have both accounts working fine on the devices with the Apps we have agreed to download in these initial stages. I have set them up to update automatically and am hoping this will occur and mean that no Play Store access is required to do so. So far this appears to be working.

    My trouble begins when management decide that they would like another App added to the Master device and pushed out to the other devices which will be geographically scattered.

    How do I download an App to my Master device, allow access to the restricted user account on that device but then have this new App appear and be available in the restricted user account on all the other devices WITHOUT the user having to download it in the main account and give themselves access to it in the restricted account?

    Is this even possible?

    I hope I have been clear enough in my descriptions. Please feel free to ask more questions or advise me of my stupidity.

    Thanks in advance for all helpful advice and suggestions.

    09-29-2015 06:54 PM

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