1. Froggly's Avatar
    Good day Android soldier/fan and expert ,

    I am a noob with Android but i use to work with Solaris 8 a decade ago so kind of glad to be able to play at the command line again.

    I was wondering if its possible in anyway to ghost or clone ma Galaxy TAB S2 ( Lollipoop 5.1.1), the reason is that i have about 30 of those tablet and i need to customize the first one and if i succeed at that ( need delete some apps, that would be another thread ) i would greatly appreciate to be able to clone the other 29.

    thanks in advance for your precious time
    11-07-2015 01:33 PM
  2. Spagman72's Avatar
    Try searching nandroid system backup.... Naturally you do not want to include EFS or other partitions that are unique to the tablet. Find a nandroid expert... I'm sure they can tell you if it's possible or not.
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    11-07-2015 04:26 PM

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