1. neeraj meena1's Avatar
    I have Android one device running Marshmallow 6.0, i have Micro SD card formatted as internal storage, everything worked fine, my internal storage got increased.

    But all of sudden (approx after 2 weeks), the device has stopped recognizing the SD Card, i am getting a notification to reinsert the SD Card device.

    I have reinserted the SD card number of times, but it's not recognizing the card. Although the same SD Card is shown from another device.

    What can i do to get it working? is there any workaround or i need to again reformat it to FAT32 from ext4.
    12-06-2015 12:05 AM
  2. Paul A Bristow's Avatar
    I have the same problem Moto G3 Marshmallow recent updated.

    Using a 64 Gbyte (Sandisk Extreme) card as 'internal memory'.

    Using Anquet Maps and had 25 Gbyte of UK HD maps.

    Worked very nicely for over a month and was uploading yet more maps for Scotland and was loading OK (takes hours over slow internet link).

    but when I came to shut down, got message 'Reinsert SD card'.

    Tried power off, and on, remove and cleaned card, but still wants SD card reinserted.

    Removed SD card and put into PC slot and can read the card with Windows Explorer,
    but files appear corrupted, for example can see entries for DCIM Camera and list of jpeg files,
    but they can't be opened. Android/Data/ lists expected folders com.adobe.reader...
    but trying to open any folder produces a message "Please insert a disk into USB device.

    And also "E:\Android\data\com.google.android.music/files/music is not accessible The parameter is incorrect."
    ._playmusicid does contain a UUID, readable using notepad.

    So appears that the SD file file structure is damaged?

    (Tried using CHKDSK in readonly mode but cannot read the RAW format)

    Are there any tools for file structure repair on this device and Marshmallow (where the structure has changed to mix the built-in and SD memory)?

    Yours most unhappily.
    03-29-2016 04:35 AM
  3. tube517's Avatar
    Hope you backed up everything to the cloud.

    Because if your card is formatted as adoptable storage, you're pretty much screwed as far as data/apps/pictures etc if the sd card goes bad.
    04-06-2016 08:46 PM

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