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    I had posted this, i think in the wrong forum before.. and i'm also clarifying a bit here.. i come from windows phone 10, so in outlook over there you can pin a subfolder on exchange to the start screen and then if you get new emails in that subfolder you will see a notification count on the icon. You can also set that subfolder to show a count on the lockscreen, so you know you have new emails there as well.

    For now I found that in the android email app, if you goto synced folders by pressing settings.. mailbox name.. scroll down to "folder sync settings" you can then press the folder you want to monitor and do a "sync schedule" to auto and peak schedule to auto. By doing this, the notification screen on the lockscreen will indicate new email for that subfolder for exchange.

    This is a bit klugy I think anyway, it would be nice if the notify option on the lockscreen was just a symbol and a count (number).

    But at any rate.. the one thing i still cant figure out, is how to put a shortcut to a subfolder on the homescreen, if even by a widget like there sort of exists for the gmail app (though for this one you have to suck up multiple spots at once and show at least the first few emails in that box in a giant box.. the tag option under gmail doesnt give you a notification on new emails either)..

    Has anyone found a work around to this?

    Thanks in advance
    01-28-2016 10:47 AM

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