1. Doctormom457's Avatar
    I'm unable to open any attachments (mp3, text, doc, anything) on my yahoo email app. I'm using my HTC One phone with Android 5.0.2. This is a recent problem (in the last few weeks). I've tried to delete the email accounts and restart them, but it didn't help.

    It seems there is no connection to the server for the attachment- can't be downloaded, can't be opened. I can't find any setting that can fix this.

    Any ideas?
    05-15-2016 10:24 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Which HTC One do you have? M7, M8, or one of the older One series?

    And you're talking about the actual Yahoo Mail app, and not Yahoo email coming through the stock Email app, correct?
    05-16-2016 12:38 AM

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