12-29-2009 08:13 AM
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  1. chrisoverly's Avatar
    I am what I call a phone abuser, I use my phone constantly and hope to switch to the Sholes after it hits Verizon later this month or next month.

    My question is what about your BlackBerry do you miss when using your Android phone?

    Anyone switch from a BlackBerry Storm (the phone I have now)?

    10-14-2009 04:58 PM
  2. jammushi's Avatar
    I had the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 and I'm one of the people that loved SureType. The BlackBerry SureType keyboard combined with the SureType software was awesome. I could type so much faster and more accurately on it than I could on the full QWERTY BlackBerry devices and best of all I could do it all with one hand without looking!

    What I miss about my BlackBerry is the awesome keyboard. At the moment nothing beats having a physical keyboard, however I will say that I think over time I will get use to the touchscreen keyboard. The Hero does have a keyboard option that sort of looks like SureType, but again not having the physical keys hurts my speed and accuracy when typing.

    The biggest thing I miss about my BlackBerry is BlackBerry Messenger since so many of my friends have it, however I am getting over it as text messages looks like an instant messaging conversation and I still have email and GTalk. I just miss the little things about BBM like sending pictures and creating chatrooms with my BBM contacts.
    10-15-2009 09:50 AM
  3. robmille's Avatar
    Hey bro, I ordered the myTouch 3g last night. (thats a creepy name, isnt it?) So I dont know yet exactly what the difference will be. I am upgrading from the Pearl Flip. I can tell you what I wont miss, the crappy browser on Blackberry.
    10-15-2009 09:58 AM
  4. Rusty Shackelford's Avatar
    The only thing I can say I miss is the push email. Blackberry has it down to an art.

    Truth be told I only missed it for about a week. I started having my emails sent to my gmail account instead of my mobile me account and it is wonderful.

    Google has done such a fabulous job integrating gmail into mac and there android os that there is no longer a need to pay 99$ a year for my mac account.

    The only other thing I missed at first was a physical keyboard, but after a couple of weeks you get used to the virtual.

    most recent phones:
    Pearl -> Curve -> Storm -> 8900 Curve 2 -> iPhone ->MyTouch
    10-20-2009 01:55 PM
  5. LikeWebOS's Avatar
    I will miss BBM the most, as I have so many people that I get in contact through there, that I wouldn't normally text or call. The push email is great..except that when servers are down or something, the time on the emails are stamped with the time they got to your phone, not the time you actually received them in your in box. That is when you're on BIS not sure about BES. Oh and I won't miss the emails that I can't view because they get truncated due to size. Which my iPhone has no problem opening up, ha!

    But I'm really looking forward to actually going back to one phone, and the Droid may be it..hopefully.
    10-21-2009 04:59 PM
  6. prot0type's Avatar
    Definitely the keyboard.

    I think the convenience key is also something I miss. I had one mapped for vlingo and doing everything(send a text, make a phone call, search google) with the push of a button is something I wouldn't mind having again.
    10-26-2009 10:51 PM
  7. barnettj's Avatar
    Like Rusty, I missed the push email at first too. I started using Gmail as my primary account. I love it now. I have the G1, so I still have a physical keyboard, plus the touchscreen keyboard. I can't decide which one I prefer.
    10-27-2009 12:15 AM
  8. ripperbone's Avatar
    i just traded my 8900 of a mytouch and already I am missing the push email, and physical keyboard, but i figure it will take a couple of days to get use to the mytouch.
    10-27-2009 08:04 AM
  9. SkottM's Avatar
    I miss "Mark Prior Opened" option in messaging. That's all. Give me that one damn thing, and I'm happy. How impossibly hard could that be to implement that?
    10-27-2009 08:46 AM
  10. ERDude's Avatar
    The frequent battery pulls
    10-27-2009 11:55 AM
  11. Headshrink's Avatar
    The frequent battery pulls

    Wont miss those...wont miss the freezing up of my phone despite not having major apps, truncated emails...albeit thats improved since the last OS update. I will miss being able to accept mtg invites.
    11-01-2009 11:20 PM
  12. TreyDaPrince's Avatar
    The frequent battery pulls

    I'm gonna miss BBM and the lovely keyboard on my Tour.
    11-06-2009 12:43 PM
  13. zyxwvu44's Avatar
    i miss the email systesm, the ease of accessing messages, bbm, the keyboard, push and battery life. oh and making calls on wifi
    11-14-2009 11:42 PM
  14. boi_HeRO's Avatar
    pretty much just the push email
    11-15-2009 02:33 AM
  15. mclarryjr's Avatar
    I miss the keyboard short cuts
    11-15-2009 12:05 PM
  16. CarrierUnlock's Avatar
    BBM is the one thing I think will make me miss BlackBerry the most!
    11-16-2009 06:50 PM
  17. bearkat39's Avatar
    Not a damned thing, seriously! BB's are garbage!
    11-19-2009 12:48 AM
  18. TheReclinerJockey's Avatar
    I miss my physical keyboard and the simplicity of the push emails. I haven't figured out how to get mine most effectively on my Hero yet and it's really bugging me
    But I adore the touchscreen! Never going back!
    11-20-2009 06:11 AM
  19. Roy Aguilera's Avatar
    I miss the group chats with bbm.
    11-21-2009 12:19 AM
  20. SpeedVX's Avatar
    I miss a really full featured PIM (like PocketInformant) with features like creating duplicates of appointments. I miss being able to use categories effectively to manage groups of people (the groups implementation by Google is a wicked mess -- I mean really -- the group names can't even be alphabetized?). I miss being able to manage tasks well and sync them to my computer (the tasks management on Google Calendar just isn't up to snuff).
    11-24-2009 09:32 AM
  21. Roy Aguilera's Avatar
    Berry Pop Up
    and Berry Weather.
    11-25-2009 03:38 PM
  22. Mohawk3's Avatar
    I just came over from a Blackberry Storm yesterday to a Droid. So far the only thing I miss is BBM.
    11-26-2009 08:29 AM
  23. Tennessee's Avatar
    The frequent battery pulls
    I'll second that!
    11-30-2009 06:53 PM
  24. Jim W's Avatar
    Had a Blackberry for about 7 months and only my Moment for about a week now, I really don't miss anything. This new phone does everything the BB did for me and more, of course there is a learning curve, but that is to be expected.
    12-06-2009 02:13 AM
  25. TaeKwonDonkey's Avatar
    I miss the physical keyboard, BBM, and the cool factor.
    12-21-2009 09:04 PM
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