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    When using Podcast Addict on my Galaxy Note 4, the bluetooth play button works fine for relatively short pauses--less than 10 minutes is rarely a problem. If the pause is longer, (20-30 minutes) the phone will usually, but not always start playing music instead of resuming my podcast. Sometimes Podcast Addict is still showing active in the pull down menu, sometimes it is hidden until I kill Poweramp...then it comes back to the pulldown menu. I've got "Keep Listening to Ext Controls" checked in Podcast Addict.

    After a Google search on this, I installed Default App Manager. With that I was able to change the music app that starts at the wrong time from Samsung Music to Poweramp, I can't get it to stop launching Poweramp when I resume. Right now Podcast Addict is set to be the default for both Streaming Audio and Audio, Poweramp isn't showing as a default app at all. This is all when I'm not using my phone for anything else between stopping and restarting the podcast, if I pause and then use a different app, the start button seems to want to do something with that app (I can live with that). I think this started with the update to Marshmallow, but I'm not certain of that.
    09-16-2016 07:01 PM

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