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    I have a Piranha ultra tab 9.0 supersonic with jellybean 4.2. I was trying to exchange the internal storage with the sd card. I watched several videos and followed the directions swaping the 1 and 0 in vold.stab and when I rebooted I was in a bootloop. I have the correct firmware but when I try loading it it aborts halfway through verifying it. Any suggestions? I have wiped data and cache partitions, android studio can see it and I can push files to it but again it aborts the install. Supersonic want $$ to fix it that I can't afford. PLEASE help!! I think it has something to do with kingroot because when I tried to wipe data using adb an error came up about kinguser. Also in android studio it starts loading system then kingroot pops up and it starts over.
    09-21-2016 07:48 AM

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