1. Abhay Mulik's Avatar

    I have a Micromax Canvas Android ONE mobile phone with a 4 GB internal storage memory and 16 GB SD card external memory.
    Out of 4 GB internal memory, 1.77 GB is occupied with system files, 1.86 GB is occupied with non system apps, 0.35 GB is occupied with apps related data and only 0.02 GB is free.

    I have latest Android Marshmallow operating system updated on my phone, as I am typing this text.

    There are following applications installed in my handset (from Google play store), which have an option to move them from internal storage memory to external SD card memory and vice versa.

    1) Amazon Kindle (166 MB)
    2) LinkedIn (78.22 MB)
    3) Facebook (16.96 MB) moved
    4) OlaCabs (3.40 MB) moved
    5) I can't wake up (0.98 MB)

    Out of above 5 apps, when I tried to move all of 5 apps, only app number 3 & 4 got transferred (or moved) to the external SD card memory space. i.e. for Facebook and OlaCabs, moving from internal to external memory card was successful.
    However for rest of apps (Amazon Kindle, LinkedIn and I can't wake up), I get an error stating that there is not enough of memory space in external memory card.

    However, as I can see out of total memory of 16 GB in external SD memory card, 1.17 GB is consumed by system files, 5.51 GB is consumed by existing data and apps and 9.32 GB is free space available to consume.

    May I know what exactly must have been happening over here and why?
    What is the possible solution to resolve this issue?
    10-10-2016 09:52 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums. Did you set up the SD card as adoptable storage? If not, the apps are still initially stored on the internal storage, and this will still flag the system for low storage.
    10-10-2016 10:03 AM

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