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    This may not be a specific questions for nougat, but more for a question about all versions leading up this. Why can I create a contacts list and send a group email on a desktop, when group email would be easier to organize, but not on a phone or mobile app when I am limited in input access and vision.

    So I have found that on subsequent versions on android and I guess more specifically the gmail app, others have stated this feature doesn't work. I am guessing that it still doesn't work because I am currently on the pixel support line holding so the agent can tell me what I have located while on hold, that it doesn't work. I honestly hate apple for things like this and making some odd choice for us without giving us the option.

    I am sure there may be an addition 3rd party app to fix this issue but that is flat out stupid if that's googles choice to push us in that direction.

    On a side note can we get rid of spell check. Why isn't it a google check or internet search check. gmail is not in the spell check database on an android forum and i guess I see holding a browser hostage within a database for spell check is a bit archaic. The first thing I want my google assistant to do is watch my typing and make better corrections to the terrible typing I have. everytime I can't spell something and i place the same bad version of my word in the search field, I get the word I am looking for but this stupid spell check can't find me a match.
    11-07-2016 01:00 PM
  2. miyanc's Avatar
    I have confirmed that it is not available thru the mobile app. I have also sent some feedback, not that that will fix it, but my .02 has been said.
    11-09-2016 10:22 AM

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