1. Randy Spear's Avatar
    I am using blackberry hub for email but I think this is more of an OS question...
    If I have a couple emails in the notification shade, I pull down the notification shade, then pull down on an email again and select delete. The OS then closes the notification shade, returns to the app I was in and flashes the email along the top with an undo option for a few seconds.
    This drives me nuts. First, I'd love to stay within the notification center to manage the rest of the notifications and second, the heads up/undo option is redundant, I've already gone out of my way to delete the email. I know a can swipe this away but if you have to do this whole procedure 3 to 4 times each time I look at my phone, several times a day you can see how frustration would build.

    Does anyone have some suggestions for me?
    12-03-2016 06:01 PM
  2. Randy Spear's Avatar
    I stand corrected... It is a hub issue. I was troubleshooting with Google support, with safe mode on and Gmail enabled, I don't come across either issue.
    Any help is still appreciated.
    If a moderator would like to move those to an app thread, feel free.
    12-03-2016 07:03 PM