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    So, I'm trying to transfer as many apps from my old Nexus 3 to my new phone, and some apps save their data to servers using Facebook. The two I'm specifically talking about are Pokemon Shuffle and Taps to Riches. Now, the apps work just fine, and if I wait long enough (the Nexus is a bit slow), the Facebook login screen will come up. The problem is that I can only choose one field to fill in: the email, or the password. The first one I try to fill in will work fine, but when I try to go to fill in the second field, nothing happens. The taps I make on the keyboard will work just fine, (I can see it trying to type) but the field stays blank, and even if I type in my entire password (no mistakes), it'll stay blank and register as if nothing's there. I really don't want to lose my progress, and rooting is not currently an option.
    03-27-2017 08:26 PM

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