1. 1151958's Avatar
    Got a new software updates and now I have, on Facebook< 3 new buttons. "Direct" "Home" and the "F" logo of Facebook...Cannot stand these and I like to remove them. I also would like to know how to stop these types of updates done without my consent. Thank you.
    03-31-2017 05:32 PM
  2. mfreeland's Avatar
    I don't think you can remove them. You could roll back the app to an older version, and you can turn off automatic app updates....
    03-31-2017 06:02 PM
  3. SonDan's Avatar
    Is there an official way to roll back to earlier version of Android if an update is not working for you? When I updated my Original Nexus 7 tablet from Android 4 to 5 it bricked it.If I could have rolled back I would not have had to buy a new tablet asap.
    04-01-2017 07:51 PM

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