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    Hello everyone,

    About a month ago, my Galaxy Note 5 on T-Mobile got the update to Nougat. Since then, I have noticed a number of problems, and also some changes to the user interface that I just don't like. I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered similar issues, and what, if anything, you might have done. Here's my list:

    - Twice, when watching YouTube videos, my phone randomly crashed and restarted. That never happened under Marshmallow.
    - The touch screen seems to be more picky, and some of the controls are smaller. For example, if I swipe down from the top to adjust the brightness, if I'm the slightest bit off of the slider, it'll expand the pull-down instead of sliding. Or, if I'm slightly off from above instead of below, I'll end up turning off Bluetooth or turning on the flashlight. I have big fingers, so this can be a problem. It seems that some of the controls are smaller now, and require more precision than before, too. This is a problem if I'm in a car (either as a driver or passenger).
    - Similar to the above, sometimes, when unlocking, when I first swipe up, if my finger is anywhere even NEAR the camera icon, it'll open the camera instead of coming up wanting my unlock pattern.
    - I haven't seen this lately, but at first, if I was in another app and a call came in, and that small box came up with the Answer and Reject buttons, if I tapped Reject, instead of rejecting the call, the screen changed to the ring screen you get if you get a call when your phone was turned off, and I have to swipe Reject again.
    - Extra button-presses required in Contacts. I used to just tap on someone's name and it came up with their contact record, at which point I could edit, or dial, or whatever. Now, when I tap a name, it brings up a little sub-menu underneath, and then I have to tap "Details" to see the rest of the record. Since I still have to tap "call" to make a call, the little sub-menu doesn't save any time.
    - In Messages, composing a new message takes far more work than it used to. I have to find the name, choose "Set as default" if I haven't texted this contact before, then tap "Compose" to write the message. Far more taps than before! Also, regardless of the Contacts list sorting options, the list in Messages is always sorted by first name.
    - Periodically, when I try to make a phone call, the phone starts to dial and immediately hangs up. This has happened with or without a Bluetooth device connected. The only way to fix it is to turn on Airplane mode and then turn it off again, or reboot the phone.
    - In the E-mail app (this is a Samsung app), you can no longer tap on the word "Inbox" (or whatever box you're in), which has the account name right below it, to switch accounts. You have to tap on the 3 lines to the left, which is a much smaller target.
    - When using my bank's Mobile Deposit app, even if I have my media volume all the way down, which I almost always do, when I take a picture of a check, the app makes the camera click sound at FULL Volume. It's so loud that if I forget and do a mobile deposit in the morning, the sound wakes my wife up in the next room.
    - Bluetooth doesn't work consistently in my car anymore. Earlier this year, I went so far as to sell my 2016 Honda Accord EX and get a 2014, because the 2016's Bluetooth sucked. I had no problems with my 2014, until I got the Nougat update. Now, half of the time, if I make a call or answer one, the audio doesn't route to the car speakers, even though the car thinks it is. I have to "transfer" the call to the phone, then back to the car, to make it work. Also, sometimes, the car get stuck thinking it's Dialing, and I have to turn on the speakerphone on phone to hear the call. Even after I hang up, the car is stuck on "Dialing," and I have to turn Bluetooth off on the phone in order for the car to give up. This never happened under Marshmallow.

    I think there's more, but that's all I made notes of. I have not contacted T-Mobile, because I know there's nothing they can do about it. You can't go back to the previous version of Android after you've upgraded (or can you? If so, please enlighten me!), and I seriously doubt they'll send me a new phone.

    I should also point out that a friend of mine has a Nexus 6P with "pure" Android, and he doesn't have the problems I described to him relating to Bluetooth or making calls (I didn't talk about everything).

    Just wondered if anyone else is having similar issues, either with a Note 5 or other phone.

    05-24-2017 02:23 PM
  2. J Dubbs's Avatar
    A factory reset, or at least a cache partition wipe might help. I had similar problems when I upgraded to marshmallow....they were all fixed with a factory reset.

    I'll be doing a factory reset if I choose to accept the nougat upgrade as well.
    05-25-2017 05:41 AM
  3. bnewall1's Avatar
    A factory reset, or at least a cache partition wipe might help. I had similar problems when I upgraded to marshmallow....they were all fixed with a factory reset.
    I hate to do a factory reset if I don't have to... I have a lot customized and it takes a while to redo it.

    I didn't think of trying the cache wipe, though, so I just did that. I'll see if it solves any of the real "problems" I was having. But some of the things I mentioned, like the changes to Contacts and Messages, are designed that way and wouldn't be fixed by a reset or cache wipe. It's just, in my opinion, poor design.
    05-25-2017 01:19 PM
  4. bnewall1's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I solved all but one of my issues! I traded in my Note 5 for an LG G6... LOL. The Messaging, Contacts, and Phone apps are so much better. The only thing that sometimes still happens is that when I play back voicemails with the phone connected to my car via Bluetooth, the audio doesn't always go to the car. That happened with the Note 5 after the Android 7 update. I'm thinking it's either an Android 7 thing, or a T-Mobile voicemail app thing.
    06-07-2017 05:44 PM

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