1. kim1398's Avatar
    Today i just recieved my brand new at&t samsung galaxy s7 edge. Everything was working, i even had 4 bars on the phone when my old (s6) had only 2. But, it was of course locked, so i contacted At&t and they gave me the code to unlock my phone. once i put in the sim, and enter the pin to unlock the phone it unlocked. Thats when i got confused. once it unlocked, the signal in the phone disappeared, i completely lost signal and i couldnt send or do anything, only make an emergency call. i am currently under straight talk. i researched on google and it mostly told me to just reset it, so i did. yet nothing still worked. i still have no signal. after doing some more research, i think i may know the problem. i am under nougat. i had read that the s7 and the s7 edge both lose signal once the phone updated from marshmallow to nougat. could this be the problem? if so, is it possible to downgrade? i dont think could be able to do it because i dont want to mess it up. Could there be another problem that i dont know about? i am really worried i may have messed it up when i unlocked the phone. or could it be the sim card that is the issue? i could really use some help. please and thanks!
    09-07-2017 09:18 PM
  2. Tim1954's Avatar
    Hi Kim, welcome to the forums
    My first suspicion would be the sim card. Try it on other devices, or just take it to the network provider to test..
    Try other sim in yours too if you have one, I would suspect the sim/service provider
    09-08-2017 11:29 AM

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