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    Problem summary : if your mobile device is running marshmallow 6 or higher and you choose your SD card to be used as internal storage and any thing happened in the system and you restore factory setting ( hard or soft reset ) . your phone will not recognize your SD card anymore and you have to format it and lose everything inside it( photoes ,ausio ..etc) after phone turn on after reset

    Explanation :
    when you choose the system to use your SD as internal storage in marshmallow then the system will format SD and encrypt it ( I don't know why the hell it do so without even giving us the option not to do so ) and store the key inside the internal phone memory . When system restored to factory the internal memory will be wiped and the key to access the SD will be lost .. so you have all your data inside the SD unaccessable by any how no matter what and you will have to foramt the SD by your own hand crying the data lost by this bug

    Comparison with previous versions of Android :
    previouse versions have 2 feature to solve the problem of small internal memory
    1-You may choose the storage to be SD card from stirage setting then some apps like whatsapp wil save its data in SD instead of internal and some apps will be installed into the SD this will save alot of gigas
    2-some apps can be transfered from apps setting to SD manually to free some internal storage
    with these 2 features any user with 16GB internal will be happy and never run out storage
    even 8GB internal is fair with this feature

    in marshmallow you have to choose between
    -use the SD as a portable storge then only pictures and media stored on it and the system will not encrypt SD so the SD is accessble in USB card reader on in other phone.But you can not move apps and apps data to it so apps will store everything inside the internal memory and your will run out of storage shortly and the 16GB internal memory which was enough in previous andriod versions will be a nightmare
    -Or you may choose the SD to be internal memory then it will be encrypted and you may lose your data very easily if the phone system crash for anyreason and you have to Factory reset the phone . and to backup your data then you have 2 ways if your SD works as internal memory
    1-Copy your files frm phone to pc using the phone usb cable before formating it and suffer the slow of transfering files and you can not do this step except if the system is healthy
    2-access your SD and take the key and move it to your pc and use Linux to decrypt the SD card and mount it using usb Card Reader and copy everything which need some experiance in Linux you may find the guide here
    The problem if your phone crash and you format internal memory your say bye bye to your data
    I'm very angrey and it was the first time to hate android as I lost 32GB of important data from my work as well as many family memories gone so marshemellow should do any of the following :
    1-give you the option to encrypt or not the SD when use it as internal storage
    2-explain to you the risk of using SD as internal memory when you do so
    3-when factory reset the phone warn you about this issue and notify you that after format your SD is not accessable (this important than warning that rise handfree volume can harm your ears looool)
    4-offer you to save the key of encryption to your google drive to be able to restore the data or make a way for restoration
    5-Give the ability to use the old features

    now I stuck with 32GB of data that I do not wanna format as it has vital data and its not even detected by the windows and the linux only by andriod phone as unsupported flash that need to be formated .. my phone is alcatel pop4+ and its running android 6.0.1
    Thank you marshmallow you wipe my data , affect my work and let lose a good memory
    if you any idea to help please let me know
    Dr.Khalid Khalil
    09-13-2017 12:34 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Sorry to hear about your issue, but when you were about to format the SD card as Internal Storage, it should have warned you that the card would then only be readable by that device and that device alone, due to the encryption. Doing a factory reset of the phone essentially makes it a "new" phone, which means it has lost that encryption key, and can no longer access that encrypted SD card.

    I think the encryption is there so that the card doesn't potentially get messed up by other devices, if you were to swap the card out. Since the card has been made to be part of the phone's own Internal Storage, having other devices modify data and then putting the card back into the original phone would probably cause all sorts of data errors and mismatches.

    I'm sorry to say that if you had vital data on that encrypted card, and the encryption key has been lost, then the data is lost as well (unless you spend a lot of money on a forensic security specialist to try to break that encryption).
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    09-13-2017 12:49 AM
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    That is why using the SD card as adopted storage is honestly a bad idea.
    09-13-2017 01:07 AM
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    Of course if you back up all important data to an "off-phone" device (your PC, a cloud account, etc.) you don't have that problem. People don't realize that a phone is just like any other computer, and anything important should be backed up to at least 2 independent destinations. (Many cloud accounts are free, and many of the free ones are large enough to back up a whole phone.)
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    09-13-2017 12:56 PM

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