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    LG G6 on Android 7.0. This happened to me like a year ago. Bluetooth in my car kept disconnecting and it had to do with me turning on some sort of feature where the phone keeps scanning for nearby Wi-Fi networks to notify me about. Of course as you drive your car around it periodically picks up a strong enough (nearby) networks. But I think it was doing it even without notifying me on the screen. Anyway, the setting was sort of buried but I eventually found where to turn it off and the bluetooth disconnect stopped.

    So I replaced my phone with a new G6 because I switched providers from a GSM to a CDMA provider. I restored my apps and everything was working but then something changed and it started happening again. So I backed up the apps, factory reset, and restored just my bare minimum apps. Worked fine again. I didn't really add any apps that would affect this type of thing and then today I went for a walk and listened to an Audible book for about 45 min. Returned back and disconnected the headphone. About an hour later reconnected them and started listening to music and it started happening again. I have Wi-Fi Notification and Show Wi-Fi popup disabled in Advanced Wi-Fi and when this was happening driving around I can confirm Wi-Fi was turned off (I have a Llama event that automatically turned Wi-Fi off when I connect to my care Bluetooth)

    Any ideas what is causing this issue?
    01-16-2018 11:44 PM
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    I believe I determined the problem. I have a Pebble 2 watch. It was disconnected and while playing music over bluetooth, I went to reconnect it and for the first time I saw some message about allowing the app to turn on bluetooth (even though it was already on.) I enabled it and immediately lost my speaker bluetooth connection. So my guess is my watch app was repeatedly trying to connect to the watch every couple of minutes or so and each time that is what would cause the other bluetooth connection to disconnect. Maybe if I go into the watch app permissions and disable bluetooth toggle permissions that will prevent it from doing it when the watch is disconnected.
    01-17-2018 02:53 PM

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