1. kyleresq's Avatar
    I have the frames setting turned off for my icons and yet certain of my icons have frames. Any ideas?

    Some icons have frames-screenshot_20180327-185801_samsung-experience-home.jpg
    03-27-2018 05:59 PM
  2. YaniCruz's Avatar
    I need help with fixing this too! I really don't like the frame look :S
    03-27-2018 08:23 PM
  3. DJM626's Avatar
    That is up to the developer of the app to make it adapt to Oreo. For the longest time a lot of mine were like that until app updates made them look like all the others
    03-31-2018 09:02 PM
  4. Claudiu Ioanitescu's Avatar
    Before Oreo you could select to have the icons with no frames and everything was fine. Why doesn't the option work as before?
    04-05-2018 04:21 AM
  5. AnnYou's Avatar
    Woah that looks quite ugly... I am still waiting for the update on my devices but I hope they solve it soon. I guess that's the point of releasing it only bit by bit.
    04-09-2018 07:06 AM
  6. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    You mean around the Google ones? The frames, at least to me, help keep the circle theme going that Samsung has going.
    04-09-2018 08:57 AM

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