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    I switched phones and carriers on Saturday (I am now on boost mobile, Galaxy S6, 7.0). I received texts, calls, messages, etc. just fine all of Saturday and into Sunday morning. Suddenly I stopped receiving texts from one contact. Between receiving and not receiving, I didn't do anything or change anything. I can receive messages on other apps (like Whatsapp) as well as emails, but no texts. My contact is on an iPhone so I had another contact text me from their iPhone and I received immediately. I've tried everything, everything is updated on both ends, and I can't find any answers. The only thing that was out of the ordinary was that just prior to this happening, I started receiving an error that Mobile ID was trying to download something and it failed and said "retry." I retried a time or two and when it didn't work, I forced the app to stop. I don't know what that app does or if it is connected to this problem. It doesn't exist in my app list so I can't open it, but it does appear in my app manager and will let me uninstall updates (which I haven't done yet because I don't know if this is an important app or not.) I know this is a double question, but I'm not sure if they are connected. Help???
    04-23-2018 10:50 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Text the contact you're not getting texts from and ask him/her to send you one text marked SMS. That should clear up the problem. And stop stopping apps you don't know - the way Android works is that many apps use functions from other apps so, for instance, MobileID may have to be running when texting is running, so that the texting app can get the function it needs from the MobileID app. Stopping, or removing updates from, one app can stop the whole phone from working at all.
    04-23-2018 11:42 AM
  3. B_Smitty's Avatar
    Thanks for the response. I have started receiving them again, after the person turned off their VPN. I'm not sure why that would be a problem, but if it happens again, I will also try your fix. Thanks again!
    04-23-2018 12:49 PM

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