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    I have a Note9 I own it so if I need to root it then so-be-it.
    IF I don't have to, even better.

    When I am on a call and receive another incoming call. I am force out of whatever else I am doing, and the incoming call screen goes to full screen and will not let me do anything unless I answer or decline the call.

    I would like for it to just remain in the pop-up display at the top of the screen so I can continue in the Chrome app while I am working. I am typically typing in reservation information as I run a business from my phone so the Chrome app is typically open and being actively used during a phone call.

    My calls come from an outside PBX so they ring to me four times. Go back to the PBX and come back to my cell after 20 seconds. So I do not want to decline the call to continue what I am doing, but I can't always finish what I'm doing in Chrome before the 20 seconds is up.

    Thanks in advance
    09-06-2018 06:12 PM

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