1. Billferreira's Avatar
    LG G7 ThinQ, ASUS ZenFone 4 Max and Samsung ChromeBook Pro. Yes I've done extensive searching and it seems this problem is common, even Google's own Pixel 2 (if not updated to Pie) is unable to detect Bluetooth devices and Google admits the problem.

    Problem with the phones: if the devices had been previously detected, they will pair just fine. Delete a device from the list and it will no longer detect it so no opportunity to pair. This problem started with the 8.0.1 update.

    Problem with the Chromebook: detects devices but cannot pair whether they are new devices or ones that have been detected in the past and are still on the device list. This problem did not exist on 2018-11-19 but started on 11-20.

    I've found long lists of solutions and none of them work. The only suggestion I've not tried is a device reset but as this is happening across multiple devices, this is not likely a solution. Others who have tried a reset were also not successful.

    Any suggestions other than waiting for Pie which is coming for the LG but probably not for the ASUS?
    11-21-2018 01:22 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Google's solution for a bug in 8.0.1 was 9.0.

    It's probably going to be the same with ChromeOS - an update to fix the problem.

    You could install 8.0 on the ASUS.

    There's no way to add or change anything to fix a bug in the OS - the bug has to be fixed.
    11-21-2018 02:39 PM
  3. itic's Avatar
    Have you tried toggling wifi and BT "scanning" off? this has improved pairing and stability on my g6. with the CB you might check when your device is scheduled for updates depending on what channel your on. have you posted the problem in the CB forum? might be worth a try...
    11-22-2018 12:11 PM
  4. Billferreira's Avatar
    Sorry Rukbat and itic for my slow response but the system would not let me reply until I logged out and back in. I was slow to figure that out.

    I've tried those options and many more. Found a list of 10 suggestions on Google's forum site and tried them all except for a complete phone reset. Need to figure out how to backup/restore the phone properly (the built-in Android backup doesn't backup the data) before trying that option. As the LG is supposed to get Pie before the end of the year (yeah I know, it will probably be late) and I have corded headsets which work better than any of my Bluetooth devices, it is not a critical issue. It would just be nice to get it fixed.

    Regarding the Asus, I use that primarily as a replacement for the junk navigation systems built into our 2 Mercedes. Running HereWeGo with downloaded maps is a much better experience than dealing with a poor system that costs $1000/yr for map updates. Poor maps at that.

    BTW, for reasonably priced corded noise-cancelling earbuds and headsets, I'm very pleased with those from Panasonic. Have been using one of each for years with the only problems being the cords. Not replaceable on the ear buds so had to buy new ones but the cord is replaceable on the earphones.

    Thanks for your suggestions,
    11-22-2018 12:42 PM

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