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    I have a Tab S2 SM-T713 build T713xxu2brb2 and have added a 128gb storage card. I want to use the SD card to down loan apps to but even though I have it set to save content to the SD card when I download any app it goes into the internal storage.

    Could it be because I downloaded the app direct from the Play Store app vs going first to the internet app the to Play store?

    11-29-2018 09:08 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Where have you set that up? AFAIK that is no longer an option in Nougat unless the tablet is rooted/modified. All apps are installed/updated in internal memory; that's just how the OS works now. Only media, external downloads, and extra files can be moved to the card (and that's up to each dev to decide what, if any, can). The app's main files will ALWAYS reside in internal memory no matter what (unless, again, the system has been modified/hacked to allow it).
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    11-29-2018 11:47 AM
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    I'm a 64 year old guy thats not very tech savvy trying to get this done so ...

    I tried to follow this, but I don't have a advanced tab:

    Setting the Default Memory Storage to SD for the Internet App:
    While on a home screen, tap "Apps"
    Tap "Internet"
    Press the "Menu" key and tap "Settings"
    Under "Advanced", tap "Content settings"
    Tap "Default storage" and select "SD card"

    So went to the internet app and touched the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner.
    Went to settings.
    went to advanced and changed save content to SD card.

    I also don't have a applications manager, or can't find it so I could try to manualy move the apps to the SD card.

    You said that external downloads could go on the SD card, does that included downloaded apps?

    Sorry but I don't have anyone thats 20 something that can help locally.
    11-29-2018 12:42 PM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Hey, age is not a problem, don't worry! Just ask away and we'll try to help

    First, the method you're trying. That would only change the default storage for downloads initiated from the Internet app (that's your browser, and those downloads are like files, pictures, songs, etc.). Apps, even if you initiate the link from the browser, are handled by the Play Store, and that won't save to SD card automatically. Like I mentioned, as part of the system security, all apps will always be downloaded/installed directly to internal memory.

    Now, depending on the dev, they can set some options to be moved to SD card (for instance, your browser let you download files to SD card; other examples of basic features include the camera allowing you to save to SD card, or Spotify offline files, Netflix offline movies, etc.).. If you want to move an app to the SD card, it gets tricky, so bear with me.

    Like I mentioned before, you won't be able to move ALL of the app. The main file will always reside in internal memory because of how the OS is designed. IF the dev allowed some parts of the app to be moved to SD card, then you would have to do that from the Application Manager. To get to that, you have either the option to go to your tablet's Settings and finding the Apps option or when on your app list, long press on the app you want to move and select the Info option. In the app's info screen, you should see a STORAGE option. In there, IF the dev allowed anything to be moved, you'd find the Move to SD card option.

    Bear in mind that when an app updates, even if you moved it to SD card, it will move back to internal memory for updating and you'll have to manually move it back to the card if you so wish.

    Also, since the SD card can be easily damaged/removed, any app that was moved will cease to work if you remove the card and can lead to issues with it when you re-insert it if it was done with the tablet on.
    11-29-2018 01:01 PM
  5. caryt's Avatar
    Wow....thats for the very detailed reply. Seems the S2 with Nougat doesn't make it easy to do what I want.

    Hopefully I can move some appsand free up room for what I want.

    Need to find out what apps that came with this that I can delete without issues.

    Thanks again!
    11-29-2018 03:34 PM
  6. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Sure, not a problem! And if you hit a roadblock or have a question, just ask away! Hopefully we'll be able to help.

    Unfortunately because of performance, security reasons and how not-so-reliable SD cards are, yeah, newer versions of the OS have made it difficult to move apps to external storage. Mostly SD cards are relegated for media consumption storage (which is why most media apps, like Netflix or Spotify, do allow you to save their offline content there).
    11-29-2018 04:57 PM

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