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    Hi, new to Android. I got a Umidigi "One Pro" with Oreo 8.1, stock.

    In Android 6, I could pull down the notification panel... and apps like Instagram would show a preview of the picture (when Insta sent an notification alert to do this).

    But on droid 8.1, it only shows the notification text that a picture was posted (no preview). How do I enable the preview of the alert (preview of a picture in this case)?

    I tried searching. It's not called "peek" or heads up display. (It isnt a popup at the top.) It is in the notification panel, after you pull it down in droid 6. And for each notification, I could pull down on it to show a preview/more info, or some displayed the pic by default. Ty

    Edit. I might be related to "Hide Content." But I thought that setting only applies to the lock screen. Like hide sensitive info setting on lock. But I want to show the "content" or preview when unlocked, and I pull down the notification panel.
    12-08-2018 12:45 PM

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