1. Flonne's Avatar
    Device: HTC DESIRE 12.
    OS: 7.1.1

    What i want to do:

    I want to move app data to external SD, in android 5.1 i could easily send them, also i could put apps OOB on external SD and they would be read. All this without root because they are features of android. I can't find how to do it on 7.1.1.

    The external SD can be seen in both the phone and the PC:

    It's there so the problem is not the SD card.

    The apps on the app window do not have the "move to sd" button that was on android 5.1:

    • I gave them storage permissions.
    • I went to the developer options and checked the "Force allow apps on external" on the developer options.
    • The OOB files put on SD card > android > OBB won't be acknowledged by the apps, i have to paste the OOB on internal storage.
    Attached Thumbnails Move apps to external SD and put OBB there?-fdn2gde.png   Move apps to external SD and put OBB there?-zyt6adp.png  
    12-30-2018 11:58 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Not all devices support the ability to move an app to SD. If your phone doesn't give you that option, then it's not supported, unless you root the phone and use an app like App Mgr III or Link2SD. Just because you could do it in a Lolllipop device doesn't mean it will work on every other Android device. More modern Android devices have moved away from the Move to SD feature, because it's not efficient, and it tends to impact performance. Only a portion of the app can be moved to the SD, and since SD read-write speeds will always be slower than onboard memory, app performance will take a hit.

    If your phone supports Adoptable Storage (i.e., the ability to format the SD card as Internal Storage), then you could use the SD card to truly expand your phone's available space for app installation. However, this is still not a great idea, since the implementation can be glitchy, depending on the device. And SD cards were not intended to undergo the very frequent read-write operations that an app installed on the card would require -- it will accelerate the inevitable decline of the card, and at some point the card will fail, thus causing the apps to crash and data to be lost.
    12-31-2018 01:39 PM

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