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    Get Great Apps and Games from Our Best Android Store!

    There are many stunning apk apps and games that you can get from our Android store. Two of them are introduced below. Let’s check them out!

    PicsArt - Photo Studio

    PicsArt - Photo Studio is one of the most popular photo editing apps on mobile devices, where you will have a chance to express the creativity and aesthetics of a "photographer" right on your Android device.
    In PicsArt, there is a series of magic visual effects created by AI, which help turn holiday photos like Christmas, New Year, etc into beautiful art paintings.

    There are now 20 free painting effects on PicsArt, including Wonderland, Money, etc. New effects will be added weekly.

    Picsart offers many interesting effects such as: turning yourself into a fisherman, making your eyes look like galaxies, creating a walking effect on water, etc.

    In addition, you can cut, adjust image size and adjust parameters: brightness, contrast, exposure. Besides, PicsArt also provides many beautiful photo filters, unique clip-art for users to add their images.
    Users can also combine photos, use drawing tools, create collage images art, ins ert in to photo frames, add borders, decorate with countless underneath stickers, ins ert text into photos, etc.

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    Free apk for download - get free games and apps right now

    Add your photos to the Challenge page to participate in daily photo contests. This is your chance to improve your photo editing skills as well as compete with users in the global PicsArt community.
    Includes thousands of interesting and easy-to-use editing features.
    - Edit photos with friends.
    - Turn photos like #freetoedit in to your own photo.

    - Communities are globally available and support applications for 20 languages.
    - Browse your favorite photos and learn how to create them.
    - New tutorials will be released weekly to support users.
    - Includes many eye-catching filters and clips.
    - Share photos via social networks like Facebook, Tumblr, Dropbox and Flickr, etc.

    Now, let’s move to our game!

    Rev Heads Rall

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    How you can get the best apk downloader for Android

    Rev Heads Rall is a fun mobile game, in which you will enter dramatic speed battles. You will see clash of voyeuristic and lively vehicles thanks to the game’s realistic physical mechanism.
    Rev Heads Rall is a fast-paced playground with flexible racing, which is designed with extremely unique 3D images. Gamers will have a chance to experience dramatic racing scenes and stages.
    In each competition, players compete with three other riders on roads in various terrains. The scenes are various, such as rugged canyons, the Middle Kingdom or the beautiful tropics.
    The game does not focus too much on driving skills such as crab bends, accelerating but collecting auxiliary items and creating obstacles to hinder adversary on every race.
    The gameplay is simple. Your car will automatically accelerate. Therefore, the player spends most of his time driving the car to collect coins, gift boxes to get power-ups and attack the enemy.
    In short, players can use missiles to shoot down opponents, discharge black ink from the rear of the vehicle to hinder opponents, etc.

    - 3 themes with 18 beautiful race tracks.
    - 24 cup series.
    - 7 additional power and acceleration.
    - 30 cars can be upgraded.
    - 18 characters Rev Head.
    - Customizable cars and characters.
    - Challenging mission system.
    - Time Trial and Replay mode.
    - Share photos of your race.

    Above are just two among a huge apk apps and games world, that you download from our Android store. There are many other stunning games and apps waiting for you to explore and get them installed on your Android devices. Come and enjoy!
    02-24-2020 04:17 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! The Z10 is a BB10 phone, and this is an Android forum, so you're better off asking your question over here: https://forums.crackberry.com/ (I realize you're asking about Android apps, but you'll probably still have more success asking other people who still use BB10 phones.)

    I also moved this from the KEY2 forum to the Blackberry OS forum.
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    02-24-2020 12:21 PM
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    guys im having a hard time with my z10 for i cannot download or even open blackberry world in Zimbabwe. i can only manage to get apps on beta zone. anyone to help with bar files i can side load? i want the native apps im tired of running these laggy android apps on z10. any solution? by the way i have been using this fone for almost 2 years now.
    From Zimbabwe, Africa]
    Yeah you need to visit CrackBerry if you are wanting native BB10 apps.... what there is of them.

    Is this just a recent issue with your Z10? Clear the cache for BlackBerry World...
    02-28-2020 01:36 PM
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    @APK afe, I removed the link you embedded later in your post. Do not do that. Further attempts at embedding link after the fact will lead to infractions or banning, thanks.
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    02-28-2020 03:51 PM

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