1. avatrx's Avatar
    I'm new to android. the lenovo A1 is my first experience. I find the manual and instructions very incomplete. I really like the tablet so far, but I can't find answers to what I thought were very basic questions such as - how do I store stuff on the removeable SD card? How do I access it once I add it?

    I thought I could just cut/paste to the drive letter that represents the add-on sd card but so far that hasn't worked. I can't tell if the system even knows it's there.

    Is there a manual out there anywhere that could help with this? The one Lenovo has online must have been written for those already familiar with Android systems. I need the kindergarten version.
    04-05-2012 04:44 PM
  2. jasonkrasnov's Avatar
    Avatrx, you are not the only one. Issues with SD-card slot are common on this device: Lenovo Hands-On

    The article above speaks about the a lot of the features of the Ideapad A1 not working as well as the terrible technical support from Lenovo.

    The Micro SD card slot is almost impossible to access. You need an X-Acto knife to open it, insert the card, and then push it. Terrible design. You will also need a card reader or an sd card converter to fit the micro SD card into an SD card body.

    You can then access it by plugging your tablet into the computer via usb, and selecting it as a storage device. The SD card should then be accessible on your desktop apparently, but it also might not. This device has a lot of unfixed issues.

    Hope this helps you.


    07-09-2012 03:57 PM