1. zoeish's Avatar
    The dictionary is arbritrarily limited.
    Simple english words are being flagged by spell check as incorrect.
    For example: chocolate, the, go, hair, chair
    It doesnt come up with alternative spellings either
    For example, when i type ssndwich it doesnt suggest sandwich

    I have made sure the input language is english and the spell check is set to english

    I have seen on similar posts people suggest turning spellcheck off. I don't want the problem to go away though i want it fixed. I'd also like to use preditive
    08-12-2013 07:06 PM
  2. cldickerson's Avatar
    Here is the way I fixed it on my tablet:

    1. Download Root Browser from Google Play.
    2. Download these two files: LatinImeGoogle.apk & LatinImeDictionaryPack.apk.
    3. Using "Root Browser" copy the two apks' you downloaded to the "/system/app" directory.
    4. Rename (or delete) the file titled "LatinIME.apk".
    5. Close "Root Browser, open "Settings", and configure auto-correct for the new Android Keyboard.

    All done!
    08-17-2013 11:16 AM

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