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    Hi everyone, hoping to a get a bit of help here. I have a Lenovo S2110 purchased a little over a year ago (so outside of warranty, hurray ). For the last few months I have been having issues getting it to charge without wiggling/moving the usb charging cord. I thought originally that the problem was the charging cable so I replaced it with another micro usb cord and the charging seemed to work fine. About a month ago I had the tablet plugged in overnight and when I woke up it was completely dead and would not turn on. Plugging in the included Lenovo charger would bring the 0% loading screen up for a split second and then disappear and the charger would do the same thing on my Samsung Galaxy phone as well. Plugging in any other usb cord to either direct wall outlets or laptop usb ports will bring the 0% loading icon up however it never mounts to the computer, the tablet does not turn on, and the percentage never moves beyond 0%. I have a secondary warranty plan on the tablet that I can take advantage of but I want to know if this is a battery issue or a micro usb port problem so that I can A: Avoid the issue in the future as much as possible and B. Find a temporary fix if at all possible to get it charged and working to allow me to back the device up before shipping for service. Any suggestions?
    12-10-2013 09:49 AM
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    After leaving the tablet plugged in with yet another USB cord, it has managed to gather about 12% battery at which point it did turn on. However, once turned on it immediately begins to drain battery, dropping from 12% to 10% in less then 1 minute. Also, every 3 seconds the battery indicator at the bottom of the screen changes from charging to not charging and prompts for shutdown as the tablet has less then 10% battery remaining. I turned the tablet back off immediately to preserve as much power as possible and it is continuing to charge as far as I can tell (at 13% after 5 minutes)Is this a confirmed micro usb port problem? Are there any at-home fixes that I may be able to do to keep it running until it can be serviced? Thank you for your responses ahead of time!
    12-10-2013 11:49 AM

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