1. ShineOnChad's Avatar
    Hey guys! My cousin unfortunately passed away in November and my aunt asked me if I could find a way to get some of his pictures and such that on there. If you guys know anyway to either get into the tablet or get the files off of there I would greatly appreciate it. She is doing a lot better but really wants to be able to access this.

    Thanks guys!
    12-15-2014 04:15 PM
  2. vtpmt81's Avatar
    I am sorry for your loss.

    See if the tablet has a micro SD card. If it does - you can remove it and use a micro SD card reader and get the photographs off of it.

    Plug the tablet into the computer with a usb cable. That should help you get files off of the tablet as long as the files on the tablet aren't encrypted.
    12-15-2014 04:37 PM

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