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    I just bought a Lenovo Tab3 8, literally 2 days ago, this runs Android Marshmallow for it's OS.

    So I have the Lenovo Tab3 8 and I notice that any app I download from the playstore will not launch.... It will just say (appname failed to launch: report | close). HOWEVER, when I reboot the tablet, it starts up the app like nothing even happened... What's causing this? Is it a hardware issue or something to do with Marshmallow? Should I bring it back (to walmart) and exchange it for another Tab3? I've already tried a factory reset with no luck.

    This is the first tablet out of many devices that I've owned that had this weird issue... also the first one that I've had that runs on stock Android Marshmallow.

    UPDATE: This behavior only occurs when I try to use a Micro SD card as Internal Storage.

    Is anyone having any similar issues?
    06-10-2016 11:31 AM

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