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    I recently bought a Lenovo Yoga 8 used, but when I come to use the camera/gallery applications, I get the error "Unfortunately, Lenovo Camera and Gallery has stopped". I've done 2 hard resets to no avail, I've also tried using alternative camera apps from the Play Store but these give similar error messages (the camera being in use already is an example). I'm running Android 4.3, I've attempted an update to 4.4 however this gives an Error every time it installs and simply reboots the tablet, with it remaining on 4.3.

    I've never flashed a ROM before so I'm not really confident doing that (I'm more of a Windows guy normally), however I could give this a go with decent instructions.

    (Quick side note, I've reset the app in the settings, cleared it's cache etc, but nothing has worked so far!)

    07-26-2015 10:50 AM

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